Fleet Insurance Explained

Types of cover

  • Family fleet insurance – If you have a family with multiple vehicles and you want to insure them together then you can do this by getting a family fleet insurance policy. This can be a very good way for younger family members to make insurance more affordable.
  • Commercial fleet insurance – The most common type of fleet insurance is commercial fleet cover. There are countless businesses who use fleet insurance to cover their vehicles, including taxi firms, trucking firms, supermarkets etc.

Cover options

  • Road risks – Every fleet policy should include cover for road risks. In order to make the vehicles in your fleet legal, there must be third party only cover in place at a minimum. If you want to get more protection for your own vehicles then you can also get a third party policy that includes fire and theft cover, or a fully comprehensive policy.
  • Liability claims – Liability claims are something that every business should be prepared for. Taking steps to reduce the likelihood of a claim occurring is a good idea but you still need to have cover in place just in case a claim went against you.
  • Breakdowns – It’s always a good idea to get breakdown cover when you’re insuring multiple vehicles, especially when they’re part of your business. The majority of fleet insurance providers will give you the option to have breakdown assistance added to your policy.

Saving money

  • Hire low risk drivers – When you’re getting fleet insurance to cover commercial vehicles, one of the best ways to keep costs down is by hiring drivers who are low risk. Typically low risk drivers are those who are over 30, have a lot of driving experience with the type of vehicles you’re insuring and who do not have any driving or criminal convictions.
  • Pay annually – If you’re able to afford to pay for your policy on an annual basis rather than monthly then you’re usually able to make a significant saving on the total cost of the policy.
  • Get quotes online – Getting quotes online is very easy to do and can help save you a lot of money on fleet insurance.