Starting a Taxi Firm in Hampton Hill

Setting up an type of business can be a challenge and this is especially true for a taxi firm. You’ll need to be very motivated in order to make the business a success but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Below are some of the main steps you need to take in order to start a taxi firm.

Getting an office

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In order to run a taxi firm, you’ll first need to get an office. Some start up taxi firms will run their office from home though it’s usually not practical to do this in the long term and is better if you can get a proper premises.

When looking for a location for your taxi office, you should find somewhere that’s on high ground and that’s ideally located in an area that has plenty of passers by that’s easy to find. It’s a good idea to rent any office first so you can decide if you’re happy with it before making a more long-term commitment.

Finding reliable drivers

The most fundamental part of running a taxi firm is finding good drivers. The drivers you employ will make or break your business so it’s extremely important to be selective with who you hire. Below are some of the main criteria to consider when hiring drivers –

  • Their age – It’s always a good idea to hire drivers who are over the age of 25. Firstly it will help keep the cost of your taxi insurance to a minimum and secondly older drivers tend to be more responsible and better equipped to deal with the challenges of the job.
  • Their employment history – The employment history of any drivers you’re considering is also very important. Ideally they will have plenty of previous experience working as a taxi driver or at least driving for a living in some capacity.
  • Their attitude – Experience is always important but so is attitude. Your drivers are going to be who your customers interact with after all and if you hire drivers with a bad attitude then it can easily damage your reputation. Therefore it’s always important to take attitude into account when interviewing drivers.

Getting insurance

You may choose to get owner drivers who have their own insurance but if you’d prefer to buy and insure your own vehicles then you’ll need to get the necessary cover. By far the best way to insure your taxis is to get a taxi fleet insurance policy by getting quotes from a site such as